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I was pandora charms cheap planning to get the Droplet ring in ruby and the Vintage Allure ring, with the Snowflake Heart as my free gift, but my store was out of all the rings in my size (and I had two back-up rings as well that's were sold out!). I guess the store got cleaned out from Christmas shoppers haha! I know there is a ring promo coming up, but I really wanted to save my money for the Valentine's Day collection after the New Year. Oh well. I'm going to try to call a couple of other stores in my area to see if they have any of the rings in my size.Ellie, your picks sound great. I have the Minnie Polka Dot Murano, and it's such an adorable charm. I don't like the crystal brush and green beads because they are not murano glass and look like Swarovski. I am kind of very picky for this Fall collection, only like the June heart and Majectic feather. Hi! If you're not comfortable with the size then I would definitely go back and try a bigger one on. A good thing to do is to get your store to let you try on a filled bangle (or with however many charms you want) so you can see how each size feels when full up. I find that I like a nice roomy fit with the bangle, as I think it should feel light on your wrist - personally I'd be tempted to go for the bangle size. Of course, it is completely up to you and whatever feels/looks best personally!Hope that helpsEllie Do you have any idea as to when these charms will release?

Hi Deborah! Oh, thank you - I think the red reindeer dangle is from last year. I'm hoping that they are going to do a Jared exclusive Christmas tree ornament like last year - if so, I might hold off on buying the BF charm here and see if anyone can help me do that promo instead...! To be honest I didn't like all of them, find some to childish but the cinderella wish, eeyore and the rabbit look very promising! oh yeah, so ready! need rose charms and two toned charms. Hi Nicola! Aw, yay, glad you liked the pandora charms sister ornament too! I loved it both in pics and in person, and it came home with me yesterday. You'll have to let me know what you get to hit the spend! Thanks Natalie! I'm really looking forward to the promo as well, although I won't get my items for a little while. I'm excited to see the BF charm in person, even if it is not the opalescent version that I wanted most I love the idea of wearing the bangle with Minnie ear hat on it! A really cute, sweet, subtle tribute to Disney. ^^

It looked best with four or five beads on the chain, as you can see in the picture below.Pandora.netThe Pandora website has also updated with a whole wealth of goodies related to Pandora Essence. Yay! I really loved the 2014 charm, too - the 2015 charm is very pretty, but the 2014 version is much more original in design I think. I will probably end up with them both though haha. Hi EllieI love your bracelet showcases, when will pandora charms there be a next one?Mel I really like the mosaic charms as well! I don't really have a bracelet I can use them on, but I love the oceanic effect of all the stones. The orchid is definitely a favourite of mine too.I don't think the stock image is a good representation of what the bracelet looks like in person. In this live shot, it looks so much brighter:morapandorablog/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/pandora-summer-2015-life_hu.jpg Does The Green murano pictured exist???

ARE THERE PLANS FOR A ROSE GOLD SAFETY CHAIN TO BE RELEASED? Ah, sorry, I should have explained. You can't post a picture directly to the blog via comments - what you can do is link to a picture hosted elsewhere, such as at Photobucket, or Facebook.Don't worry if you can't manage it, though. Thanks again for taking the time to update us! Pandora Autumn/Winter 2016 UpdatesI've updated my original Pandora Autumn 2016 preview with two previously unseen charms - the Shimmering Medallion and the Alluring Cushion spacer. I find the ‘Alluring Cushion' a little odd as pandora charms sale a name (when was the last time you saw an alluring cushion?) but I actually really like the Shimmering Medallion, despite all the sparkle! However, I have more pieces on my wishlist (of course), including the Shopping Bag, Camel and Swan Embrace.There are so many charms in this collection that it would be an incredibly long post to write about them all. You can flick through the whole collection at Pandora's website. What I have done, however, is to pick out my five (well, six) favourite pieces from the new collection. Enjoy!
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