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In a week which has given us Eli Manning vs.
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Lil Wayne Baker Mayfield Jersey Elite , it’s worth remembering that sudden Browns advocate Snoop Dogg was never a Todd Haley fan.But in proof that we can all build a bridge to put old rivalries behind us, we’re grateful to report all is good between them now.Via Dan Labbe of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Haley had an eye out when Snoop Dogg visited the Browns yesterday.“I got to make sure that he and I were all good,” Haley joked. “We had a couple of rough years there.”That’s the radio version.In 2014 when Haley was the offensive coordinator of Snoop’s original favorite team (the Steelers), the rapper made his disgust with Haley’s play-calls known.鈥淢an http://www.clevelandbrownsteamonline.com/baker-mayfield-jersey , the Pittsburgh Steelers need a new f鈥搆ing offensive coordinator,鈥?Snoop said then. 鈥淭his guy sucks. Coach Tomlin, this is Snoop Dogg, man. Fire that mutherf鈥搆er and get us a real offensive coordinator. We ain鈥檛 won a playoff game since we had that mutherf鈥搆er. Sh-t.鈥滲ut the two had a chance to meet yesterday, and Haley declared this one over.“Him being out there and saying that he is a part of the Dawg Pound Authentic Baker Mayfield Jersey , we are good now,” Haley said. “I can go back to listening to West Coast rap.”Mostly, this makes us wish Ted Ginn played for the Browns, alongside Jarvis “Juice” Landry, just to see what Haley could draw up in honor of his new friend.Bengals DB Shawn Williams ejected vs. Colts for hit on Andrew Luck We have our first ejection of the 2018 season Greg Joseph Jersey Elite , and unfortunately, it involves Bengals safety Shawn Williams.The starting safety was tossed out of the Bengals’ Week 1 matchup with the Colts for an illegal hit on quarterback Andrew Luck. It happened on a third-down run by Luck, and as he was starting to slide, Williams launched right into Luck. Initially, the referees only flagged Williams for unnecessary roughness. But after making the call http://www.clevelandbrownsteamonline.com/greg-joseph-jersey , the referees gathered and decided to eject Williams from the game. The league office also weighed in.While it’s unfortunate, it was a textbook definition of why this rule is in place. It was a very unnecessary play that Williams deserved to be ejected for, so this was a good call by the officials. The officials actually said this wasn’t due to the NFL’s new helmet rules, though it seems like it could have been. The Bengals’ safety depth is now going to be tested hard in Indianapolis. The Bengals have rookie safety Jessie Bates starting alongside Williams and now it’ll be Clayton Fejedelem and Brandon Wilson picking up the slack.
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