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"Motorcycle bag" is a classic product of the French classic brand Balenciaga (Paris family). The style design is more wild, and it has a bit of street style, rock and roll, and practicality. It is easy to pull the open bag with one hand when riding a bicycle. The zipper heads on the purse are made of the same color leather, which must be the characteristics of this Fake Luxury Handbag.

The Replica New Balenciaga Bag was released in 2001. It was originally designed by designer Nicholas Ghesquière for a matching clothing collection. However, Balenciaga emphasizes the use of sophisticated materials and the complex three-dimensional structure is the unique feature of Balenciaga. Designer Nicholas is launching. In the accessories category, the signature style is used in the bag design. Special leathers such as goatskin and crocodile skin are specially treated to make the leather soft and smooth, but it can maintain a three-dimensional feeling, even if the size is large, it is extremely light.

Balenciaga's unique tethers, lanes, zippers and hand-made leather traces, which have been specially handcrafted, soft sheepskin deliberately create an old, vintage vintage look with a strong street rock feel, especially on the outer bag The zipper head is equipped with a leather rope of the same color, which makes it easy to pull the open bag with one hand when riding a bicycle. This is also the name of the locomotive bag, which is the most praised design of this bag. More special is the Fake Discount Balenciaga Bag color, the choice of up to 10 popular colors, and the rare gray in the bag, so that the entire bag exudes an unrelenting punk style.

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