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Stars favorite Saint Laurent bag
przez alice cart 15-01-2019 - 03:55:00
Every time I mention Replica YSL Handbags, I always think of the stars in the fashion circle. They love fashion and fashion, and a fashion element that goes out of the door will surely take your eyes away!

Therefore, as an ordinary person who loves beauty and loves fashion, I am very willing to learn the matching of these fashion stars. These stars are also carefully matched every time they leave the street. Even under the ordinary camera, they can present a beautiful landscape, and in the street shooting of professional photographers, the gas field is fully open.

YSL is the abbreviation of YvesSaintlaurent. It is a famous French Replica Luxury Handbags. It mainly deals in fashion, skin care products, perfumes, bags, glasses, accessories and so on.

YSL was founded by Mr. Yves Saint Laurent, born in Algeria, North Africa, on August 1, 1936. He grew up from a small family. In the process of growing up, he has the opportunity to come into contact with expensive fashion jewellery. Over time, he gradually came to fashion jewellery. The more interested you are.

At the age of 17, he went to Paris, the fashion capital, to study art, and soon moved to the field of fashion painting.

At the age of 18, he won the championship in the fashion design competition and was introduced to Dior's work as the deputy of Replica Christian Dior Bags!

In 1962, he established his own "RIVEGAUCHE" clothing store on the banks of the Seine. Because of its bright colors and bold design, the local ladies are fascinated, so YSL has the reputation of "creator of color".

Today's YSL is not only a showcase in the fashion industry, but also a hard-to-find rival in the handbags. The bags of various styles are not hot enough. The makeup industry, YSL star lipstick is even more popular all over the world. It is also a variety of good relationships with celebrity fashionistas. I don't believe that you can enter YSL online to see the love of all the stars and YSL. Browse the luxury rankings, YSL is still at the top of the list for a long time.
alice cart
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